Our team

LOVE TO LEARN currently employs nine part-time staff (plus one currently covering maternity leave)…


Faaduma Mahamoud has previously worked as a Teaching Assistant, and has particular experience supporting children with special educational needs. Faaduma speaks Somali and Arabic.

Chloe Malaki has been with us since 2014. She is an experienced case worker and education advocate. Chloe speaks Farsi and French.

Mery Mekonen is a caseworker specialising in support for unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Mery speaks Tigrinya, Amharic and German.


Kathryn Kashyap co-ordinates our Learning Mentors Programme. Kathryn previously worked as Head of EMA at a Wandsworth Secondary School and is currently completing a PhD exploring learning at home and school within the Somali Community. Kathryn is in the office on Thursdays and Fridays. She works from home on Mondays.


Our Learning Spaces project, funded by Sir Walter St. John’s Charity, recruits learning mentors and provides a range of learning services for students at two secondary schools in Wandsworth.

Ahmed Omar works with Harris Academy Battersea and also runs an after-school study group for boys. Ahmed speaks Somali and specialises in maths and science.

Sophie Roumat has a background in ESOL teaching and refugee advocacy. She works with Southfields Academy students, specialising in support for unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Sophie speaks French.


Molly Daniel co-ordinates our Homework Clubs with Nadine Ballantyne, who is currently on maternity leave. Molly is in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Zara Rasool and Kevin O’Donell also work at club. Kevin is in on Wednesdays and Zara is in on Thursdays.


Lucy Rix manages our staff team, and co-ordinates our projects, including fundraising and financial management. She has been with LOVE TO LEARN since 2011, and has worked with refugee and migrant organisations for 15 years.